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The 5 stages of a well functioning Pelvic Floor

Hi! I’m Jenny!
I’m a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and an expert in women’s health. I have spent years developing an exercise protocol that I teach my patients to help them maintain a strong pelvic floor and eliminate pelvic floor dysfunction. My patients have nicknamed this protocol, “The Baby to Barbell Method”, because no matter what reason you have pelvic floor dysfunction, we can get you back to doing even the most advanced of activities without dysfunction. I have put this protocol, along with all of the tips and tricks that I give my patients, into this 5 step Master Class. This program will help you restore and reclaim your pelvic floor with exercise, whether you are 2 weeks postpartum, 20 years postpartum, going through menopause, or experiencing dysfunction due to a medical reason, this program can get you back to doing whatever activities you used to do!
I give away part of this program for free to all who are interested. It’s my mission to spread research-based knowledge about pelvic health (there is a lot of misinformation out there!). I hope you all of the information you receive!
Here’s to healthy and happy pelvic floors everywhere!
Jenny Lee, Registered Physiotherapist, MSc.. PT. BSc. Hons. HK

*This program contains the information that I give my patients over the course of 12 physical therapy sessions in clinic. It converts this information into a 5-step at-home exercise program. This protocol typically requires at least 12 sessions of Physical therapy, at $180/session x 12 sessions =$2160.